Volkswagen Jetta near Squamish

Volkswagen Jetta near Squamish

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Why a Volkswagen Jetta

Do you think you deserve a vehicle that can show you the way in any weather, through any amount of fog, rain, and snow? Of course you do, and that vehicle is the Volkswagen Jetta, with its LED headlights. For gloomy winter days, your Jetta will illuminate the road using LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs).

Those beautiful headlights complement the 16" Rama alloy wheels perfectly, creating an irresistible package deal. Driving through the city, you’ll be sure to get some jealous looks your way!

Where can you find your perfect Volkswagen Jetta near Squamish? The best place is right here, at Clarkdale Volkswagen. Our experts can match you with the Jetta you’ll see yourself driving well into the future. Visit us today for a test-drive.


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We’ve been serving the Lower Mainland for over 60 years!


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Clarkdale Volkswagen - Get in Touch with Technology

Get in Touch with Technology

You’re cruising and the weather is beautiful. Your friends are in the car with you. What’s missing? Some good music! Turn it on; your Volkswagen Jetta near Squamish comes with a Composition Colour 6.5" touchscreen radio. Engage the cruise control, let yourself go, and ride down that highway singing along to your favourite hits!

Clarkdale Volkswagen - Staying Ahead of the Curve near Squamish

Staying Ahead of the Curve near Squamish

What do you need in your vehicle? More than just the basics. An engine and four wheels don’t cut it anymore. Luckily, the Volkswagen Jetta is everything you want. With the App-Connect smartphone integration, this vehicle can get you where you’re going and keep you in touch with your digital life while you’re on the road.

Clarkdale Volkswagen - Safe With A Volkswagen Jetta

Safe With A Volkswagen Jetta

What kind of safety does the Jetta provide? To protect the planet and your wallet at the gas station, this vehicle offers the Eco Mode driving mode. To secure itself, Jetta has the electronic alarm system with vehicle immobilization device. And for steep hills and uneven roads? They’re covered by Jetta’s electronic parking brake. Your Volkswagen is ready for any occasion.

Clarkdale Volkswagen - A Dealership on a Mission!

A Dealership on a Mission!

We know what you want – the Jetta that will get you around town and make you a proud Volkswagen owner. And we know how to help you – invite you to our lot so you can find your next Volkswagen Jetta near Squamish. Don’t miss out and don’t delay – help us fulfill our mission of getting you into the Volkswagen you’ve always wanted.

Volkswagen Jetta near Squamish