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If you are anything like us then there is nothing more exciting than cracking open your vehicle and really getting your hands greasy making it your own. Not only do we understand this impulse, it’s half the reason why most of us work here at Clarkdale Volkswagen in the first place! The only suggestion we would make is to not fool around when it comes to parts and to come and see our incredible parts team for all of your purchasing, ordering, and just general advice needs. All of our parts are OEM certified original Volkswagen parts. This means that even through repairs and customizations, your Volkswagen maintains a lot of its value on resale. For that reason alone it’s more than worth it to come in and checking out our selection, or put your order in online, before you launch into any new projects. When it comes to projects, we also offer our information and expertise for free. Before you start on a new customization, replacement, or repair, come and talk to us about it. Not only do we love to hear what other automotive enthusiasts are up to but with over 60 years in the business we might be able to help make it a success.

It has happened to the very best of us, we all need a helping hand sometimes. Your eyes were bigger than your socket wrench and you got a part that you don’t have the tools or expertise to install properly. Not to fear! Our Service Department is here and ready to help you with whatever you need. With our skilled technicians at your side, you can consider this and any installation a complete success! When you are ready to get under that hood and really make this thing your own, come and see us for all your parts needs. No matter how big or small, you can’t compete with authentic OEM parts and that is exactly what we are offering, so come and see us here at Clarkdale Volkswagen today!

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Browse Our Complete Inventory of Parts


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