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Why Buy a Used Car From Clarkdale Volkswagen?

May 22 2018, Clarkdale Volkswagen

Why Buy a Used Car From Clarkdale Volkswagen?

Despite Clarkdale selling more pre-owned VWs than our competitors, a question we're often asked is, "Why would someone purchase a used car from Clarkdale instead of a private seller or another dealer?" Fair enough. There is a short and a long answer to this. The short answer is "Because we pride ourselves on selling very high quality pre-owned vehicles at competitive prices." The long answer involves explaining what exactly we mean by "very high quality used vehicles", and goes something like this:

Every one of our pre-owned vehicles receives an extensive 120 point inspection performed by our Service Technicians, regardless of the vehicle's age or mileage. Among other things, this inspection includes:

  • Brakes: We remove all wheels and thoroughly inspect all four brakes. We will replace any grooved or damaged rotors, as well as any leaking wheel cylinders, axle seals or brake lines, using only new parts. This process will ensure the brakes exceed regular safety regulations.
  • Exhaust: We inspect the entire exhaust system, from the intake and exhaust manifolds to the catalytic converter and muffler, and replace anything necessary using only new parts.
  • Front end: We inspect all front end components including the steering box, rack and pinion, tie rod ends, ball joints, anti sway bars and links. Anything showing signs of wear is replaced using only new parts.
  • Other things: We inspect the tires, windshields, wheels, mirrors, wipers, lights, power windows and door locks, replacing anything necessary.
  • Oil and air filter: We replace each vehicle's engine oil and the air filter is inspected and replaced if necessary.

This mechanical inspection will ensures the vehicle is safe and performing optimally. But before it heads to our lot, we perform a complete body inspection and an extensive vehicle detailing that includes a washed and waxed exterior, a wheel and tire scrub, and a complete interior shampooing.

Before the vehicle is taken delivery of, we insert the Vehicle Information Folder in the glove box to provide full documentation of the vehicle's mechanical and visual inspections as well as its complete Car Proof Documentation.

Each of our certified pre-owned vehicles comes with a 2 year warranty that is included in their advertised price. As well as further peace of mind, this provides you with $2500 added value and lowers the vehicle's finance rates to boot.

So these are the advantages to purchasing a used Volkswagen from Clarkdale. Together, they eliminate the trepidation that usually comes with purchasing a used vehicle, and that in itself may be the biggest advantage.

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