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versatility |ˌvərsəˈtilətē| noun: The ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.

No word better describes the Tiguan than that. From its AWD system to its rear seats to its headlights, the Tiguan adapts to your needs. This versatility is exactly the attribute that many people – especially Vancouver people – want in their vehicle, and it’s probably the reason so many Tiguans are driving around the Lower Mainland. On-road or off-road, in sun, snow or sleet, the Tiguan does it all, wherever, whenever.



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1 | There are many compact SUVs on the market. What makes the Tiguan unique?

The way it drives. Though it’s an SUV, the Tiguan’s setup and tuning have been optimized for road conditions more than off-road conditions. The result is a vehicle that combines the attributes of an SUV – higher ride height and view of the road, greater ground clearance – with attributes of a performance car – flat cornering, responsive handling, GTI engine. We encourage you to drive the Tiguan back-to-back with some of its competitors. You’ll see what makes it unique, we promise. 

2 | Tell me about this driving performance.

At the heart of the Tiguan’s driving experience is its 2.0 TSI engine, an incredibly versatile engine that originally appeared in the Mk 5 GTI, but that now powers no less than 8 different VW and Audi models. It produces 200 hp and 207 ft-lbs torque, and the Tiguan puts this power to the road via its 4MOTION all wheel drive system. 4MOTION is a reactive system that constantly senses traction at all four wheels and distributes power to them accordingly. This optimizes fuel efficiency under normal driving conditions, and traction and safety under not-so-normal driving conditions. In short, the Tiguan is a high-performing machine in all sorts of situations. 

3 | Does this adaptability extend to the Tiguan’s interior too?

Indeed in does. The rear seat can be adjusted in all sorts of ways to increase cargo space and allow you to fit in all kinds of things. It folds flat, has a ski slot, folds 60/40, and the rear seats can even slide forward to increase the trunk’s cargo capacity while still allowing people to sit in them. Also, the front passenger seat can fold flat to accommodate those extra-long loads. 

4 | What about tech?

The 2016 Tiguan’s infotainment system is called Discover Media. It combines next-gen navigation, in-car media entertainment and App Connect functionality that allows you to connect your chosen device: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or MirrorLink. The system is easy to use, offers voice commands and features a lovely 6.33” touchscreen display. 

5 | What can you tell me about the Tiguan’s safety features?

The 2016 Tiguan features all of Volkswagen’s latest and most advanced safety features. These include airbags galore throughout the cabin, Electronic Stability Control, Intelligent Crash Response System, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and a standard rearview camera. It even has self-drying brakes, which ain’t a bad thing. 

6 | So… how much?

The 2016 VW Tiguan starts at $24,990 for the Trendline model and goes up to $36,998 for the Highline model. Clarkdale Volkswagen is currently running a Tiguan Sale Event that sees huge cash savings, low finance rates and special lease cash bonus. To learn more or to book a test drive, give us a call (604) 872-5431.