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Martini Racers, ChumpCar World Series and The 36 Hours of Spokane

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
You’re probably not familiar with the ChumpCar World Series racing series. Fair enough. But you should be. It goes by the slogan, “Real racing. Real tracks. Real cheap cars”, which, more concisely, is “Real awesome.” A few of Clarkdale’s service techs have been running a ChumpCar team for the past couple of seasons, building up, working on, and driving the crap out of a Mk 2 Golf to much success. In 2011, they received the much-coveted Chumpy’s Chump Award for embodying the ChumpCar spirit. In 2012, they took their first checkered flag, and in July 2013, they placed 4th in “The 36”, a 36 hour endurance race at Spokane County Raceway which is the longest endurance race in North America. It takes some kind of chumps to keep a 22 year old car running in the red for 36 straight hours.
They’re called Martini Racers, and like many classic endurance racecars, their Golf is painted in Martini livery. Whether they’re actually backed by Martini & Rossi, who knows. Probably not, though. In any case, get behind these chumps and stay updated through their Facebook page.