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2018 VW Tiguan


This is it. The highly anticipated, second generation Tiguan. This will be a huge selling vehicle for Volkswagen here in Canada, mark our words. More and more people are turning to the crossover as their go-anywhere/do-anything vehicle, and this new Tiguan will frankly be the best crossover vehicle on the market. Strong words, yes. But they’re true. Allow us to explain.


What exactly is a crossover vehicle?

Also called a crossover utility vehicle (CUV), a crossover is defined as a vehicle built on a car platform that combines features of an SUV and a passenger vehicle, particularly a hatchback or station wagon. The 2018 Tiguan checks all these boxes.


What makes the 2018 Tiguan stand out in a sea of crossover vehicles?

First and foremost, the 2018 Tiguan’s amazing design. In a sea of amorphous blobs masquerading as CUVs, the Tiguan will stand out like a diamond in a coalmine. Really. Look at it, and then look at all the other CUVs out there. The Tiguan’s is a truly beautiful design. Another distinguishing feature is the Tiguan’s size, which is larger than its competitors. Together with a host of clever interior design features that maximize space, the interior is large (7 passengers!), versatile and easy to configure, all of which are high-ranking priorities with the typical CUV buyer. The 2018 Tiguan will set new benchmarks in these categories. And then there’s the powertrain, all wheel drive system, and safety/infotainment technology, all of which are new for this vehicle and will make it a pleasure to drive.


What makes this second generation Tiguan different from the first generation?

Tons of stuff, but the main difference is probably size. The 2018 Tiguan is over a foot longer than the outgoing version, as well as wider and with more headroom. All this extra space has been optimized to accommodate two additional adult passengers; seven, instead of the first generation’s five. The size increase also results in way more storage capacity, which is optimized with the help of trick new 40/20/40-split folding rear seats. This size increase will make the new Tiguan proportionally more versatile and broaden its appeal to a whole new driver segment.



What’s it got powertrain-wise?

All 2018 Tiguan trim levels will come with Volkswagen’s highly efficient 2.0 TSI gasoline turbocharged engine. The engine makes 184 horsepower and 221 foot-pounds of torque, and will be mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission (remember when 4-speed automatics were the norm? We must be getting old.). Front wheel drive will be standard, but 4MOTION all wheel drive will be optional on all trim levels. This is VW’s newest incarnation of 4MOTION, and it features the new Active Control function that allows the driver to select different drive modes based on the terrain, such as ‘snow’ and ‘hill’. We haven’t driven the 2018 Tiguan yet, but the auto journalists who have describe the engine as equally spritely to the previous generation, with off-road capabilities that go far beyond its predecessor’s. 


What are we talking in terms of interior technology?

Volkswagen has made a huge push towards more tech-focused cars over the past couple years, and this is apparent in the 2018 Tiguan. Front and center is the available Digital Cockpit, which replaces the traditional analog gauges with a fully configurable digital system. Don’t mistake those cheesy digital displays of the 80s (bless ‘em); VW’s Digital Cockpit offers the driver a choice of different display modes including Classic, Off-road, Navigation and Driver Assistance, all of which clearly display relevant information on a 12.3” High-Res screen. It’s truly useful, and looks awesome. Other tech features inside include an available 8” infotainment screen with next-gen dynamic navigation, connectivity for all major types of phones and operating systems, Climatronic climate control, the list goes on. In short, the 2018 Tiguan is going to be a wonderful place to spend time.



Does the 2018 Tiguan have any advanced safety features?

The previous Tiguan came loaded with safety features that will also appear on the 2018 Tiguan, including an elaborate airbag system in the cabin, Electronic Stability Control, Intelligent Crash Response System, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and a standard rearview camera. But what’s new is Driver Assistance, an intuitive system that provides warnings for things like pedestrians and forward collisions, and will even apply autonomous braking, all to prevent problems before they happen.



 When is it here & how much will it cost?

The 2018 Tiguan is here! Come on in today and see the best looking crossover on the market. The  2018 Tiguan Trendline FWD starts from $28,925, Tiguan Trendline 4MOTION starts at $31,175, and the Tiguan Highline 4MOTION starts at $39,175!




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