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#PinkBeetle It seems that people who like pink don’t just like pink, they love it. The same can be said for people who like Volkswagen Beetles; they love them. For the overlapping group who loves both pink and Beetles, may we introduce to you… The Pink Beetle! 


1 | First question: Why?

Social media. VW displayed the Pink Beetle concept at the New York Auto Show last year and, lo and behold, the thing became a social media sensation. Recognizing that the people had spoken, VW decided to put the #PinkBeetle into production as a super low-volume (though loud-coloured) Special Edition.

2 | How “low-volume” are we talking?

Very low-volume. 200 total, with 100 coupes and 100 convertibles.

3 | Besides the awesome paint, what else sets the Pink Beetle apart?

Interior features unique to the Pink Beetle include a great black-and-grey checkerboard upholstery for the seats, plus pink accents on the doors, steering wheel, shifter, parking brake, radio, air vents, dashboard, floor mats and seats. Unique exterior features include the Fresh Fuscia Metallic paint, as well as black accents on the mirror and running boards and a “Bug” badge for the rear decklid. Awesome 18 inch rims are also standard. Finally, the car comes pretty well fully loaded with everything from App Connect and Sirius XM radio to Parking Distance Control and Blind Spot Detection. 

4 | I LOVE it. How do I get one?

You gotta be quick! To reserve one of the 200 Pink Beetles, you need to get your name down during one of the two ordering sessions taking place at Clarkdale Volkswagen. The Pink Beetles themselves will arrive in early September. 

To order a Pink Beetle, contact Clarkdale Volkswagen at (604) 872-5431 or sales@clarkdale.com