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accommodating | əˈkäməˌdāti ng | adjective: Fitting in with someone’s wishes or demands in a helpful way.

An apt word to describe the Golf Sportwagon if there ever was one. Heading to Whistler with the family for the weekend? The Sportwagon can accommodate that. Want to extract every ounce of fun from the Sea-to-Sky’s twists and turns on the way there? The Sportwagon can accommodate that. Wagons (“longroofs” we call them around here) can accommodate pretty well any wish or demand thrown at them, blending utility and fun in one cool looking package, and the 2016 Golf Sportwagon is no exception. In fact, there’s no such thing as a bad review of the Golf Sportwagon. Really. Try to find one. We’ve tried, and we can’t.


1 | Why a wagon over a compact sport utility vehicle?

Great question. Both vehicles appear similar on paper, and in fact most people who by a Sportwagon or a Tiguan end up checking the other one out at some point. Both offer spacious seating for five, similar cargo space, and a sporty driving experience. But they are very different! Generally, the Sportwagon is down on cargo space and up on sportiness compared to the Tiguan, and this is often a major factor in the final decision; people who end up going with the wagon tend to prioritize its low-slung sportiness over the Tiguan’s ruggedness and extra cargo space. It should also be said that wagons have a particular image that very often factors into the decision. Wagons are relatively unique compared to more ubiquitous sport utility vehicles, and subsequently, have a more “alternative” image. This is often reflected in the people who buy Sportwagons. And within the enthusiast community, wagons are cherished as the utility vehicle of choice, blending the right amount of utility with the right amount of sportiness, all mixed with a dash of quirkiness. We love it all.

2 | You mentioned sportiness. Tell me about it.

The heart of any vehicle is its engine, and the Sportwagon’s got a good one. It’s not a big one, but it packs a lot of punch-per-cubic centimeter of displacement. This is good because it means you get big power (170 hp; 184 ft-lbs torque) with big fuel economy (6.4 L/100 km (hwy)). The Sportwagon’s MacPherson suspension setup keeps it planted and balanced in the corners, and if you want to get real “enthusiast”, you can opt for the available manual transmission. Nothing says “sportiness” like three pedals in the footwell.

3 | Just how “accommodating” is the Sportwagon’s interior?

Well, to put a number on it, 66.5 cubit feet accommodating. That’s with the rear seat folded. But even when three adults are sitting there (which, at 903 mm of legroom, is actually quite comfortable), there’s still 30.5 cubic feet of cargo space. A 60/40 folding rear seat and a ski-pass slot puts the number somewhere in between. So whatever you’re thinking of taking with you, it will probably fit.

4 | What about tech? 

The 2016 Golf Sportwagon’s infotainment system is called Discover Pro. It combines next-gen navigation, in-car media entertainment and App Connect functionality that allows you to connect your chosen device: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or MirrorLink. The system is easy to use, offers voice commands and features a huge 8” touchscreen display. 


5 | What about the Golf Sportwagon’s safety features?

The Golf Sportwagon has just won AJAC’s Best New Family Car Award (the previous generation Golf Wagon also won this award), and you don’t win such awards without being up to date on all safety features. The 2016 Golf Sportwagon features a built-in safety cage system, a forward collision warning system, a post-collision braking system, many airbags, a rearview camera, electronic stability control with predictive anti-skidding technology, and an intelligent crash response system.

6 | What about all wheel drive?

So the rumours are indeed true: The Golf Sportwagon is getting 4MOTION AWD! Three cheers for the All-Track Sportwagon! Go to this page for the latest info on the VW All-Track Sportwagon.



7 | So… how much?

The Golf Sportwagon starts at $22,795 for the Trendline model and goes up to $31,795 for the Highline model. Now is great time to look at your Lease & Financing options. For the month of January 2016, Lease rates start at 1.99% up to 36 months and Finance rates start at 0.99% up to 36 months! To learn more or to book a test drive, give us a call at (604)872-5431 or use the "contact us" page on our website.